Liliam Dooley, Havana 1971. Based in Miami from 2006 – 2020, now resides in Saint-Étienne, France.


2021-22- Fabricademy (Textile and Technology Academy), Fablab: Le Textile Lab, Lyon, France (6 months course).
1997- ISDI Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial (Higher Institute of Industrial Design). Havana, Cuba. B.A Industrial Design.
1990- San Alejandro (National Academy of Fine Arts). Havana, Cuba.


2022- Operative factography, Documenta Fifteen, Kassel, Germany.
2022- 12e Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2022. Exhibition Al interieur de la production, Saint-Étienne, France.
2021- No a La Bienal de La Habana, The American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, Miami.
2020- AIM Biennial December 1st – 31st, 2020, Miami.
2019- Conexiones. Factoría Habana. Oct2019-Jan2020. Havana.
2019- 2da Bienal de Diseño de La Habana. Fundación Ludwig de Cuba. May-June. Havana, 2019.
2018- Signos 36. Ernesto Oroza collaboration project.  #00Bienal, May, Havana.
2017- Guaya-Lab a collaboration project with Clandestina in FAC. Catwalk, August. In store at FAC. Havana.
2017-Presentation of the project marginalia. La Marca, April, Havana.
2016- 1ra Bienal de Diseño de La Habana. May-June. Havana, 2016.
2014- The Emerald House. A collaboration with the artists: Ferrán Martín, Priscilla Marrero and Matthew E. Taylor. The Bakery, MOCA, Mystery Date. February 1, 2014. Miami.
2013- D’DISEGNO Respuesta cubana. Factoria Habana. Havana.
2011- Collaboration with the performers  Carlota Pradera and Priscila Marrero. Inkube8, Miami.
2010- Collaboration with the performers Carlota Pradera and Priscila Marrero. Inkube8, Miami.
2009- Art Baselita | The mama’s little girl. Edge Zone. Wynwood. Miami.
2005- Cuantos Somos, Ludwig Foundation. Havana.
2005- Art-Fashion 2005, Havana.
2005- Cuban Art, Ambassador’s Residence (Holland), Havana.
2003- Box-shirt. Holland 2003. Latin-American design fair, Amsterdam.
2003- Real Life Gallery, collateral exhibition, 8th Biennial of Art of Havana.

Graphic and Editorial Design

2023- Catalog-artist book design, Carlos Alfonzo Late Paintings. ICA, Miami.
2022- Catalog design, You Know Who You Are / Tú sabes quién eres. Recent acquisitions of Cuban Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection. El Espacio 23, Miami.
2021- Catalog-artist book design, Tomás Esson: The Goat, in collaboration with Ernesto Oroza. ICA-Miami. HIRMER.
2020- Catalog design, AIM Biennal, in collaboration with william cordova.
2020-2022- Serie of re-design of classic cuban posters and other materials.

Clothing Industry

1999-2002- Graphic Design for clothing. United Product. Havana.
1997-1998- Fashion Design. Puntex factory. Havana.

Art direction, costume design, scenography and graphic for films

2002- En invierno (In Winter), short film by Spanish filmmaker Miguel Garzón. Coproduction with Canal + (Spain), EICTV, Havana.
2002- El Techo (The Roof), short film by Ecuadorian filmmaker Carlos Vera. Co-production with Canal + Spain. EICTV, Havana.
2002- Mi deseo (My Desire), short film by American filmmaker Julio  Bañuelos, EICTV, Havana.

Costume design for stage

2022- Collaboration with Priscilla Marrero for the clothing of La Pelvis Project Presents: Live with LULU.
2012- Costume design for the performance Aquarius Juice (Carlota Pradera and Priscila Marrero), Miami.
2002- Danza Combinatoria troupe (Havana). Days of Dance Festival, National Theater, Havana.
1997- Corazón Sonoro (Resonant Heart), Danza Voluminosa Company and the Modern Dance Company,
National Theater, Havana.
1997- César (Ceasar), Festival of Theater of Havana, National Theater.
1996- La Historia de un Antiguo Encanto (The Tempest-version) and Ubu Rey for children, National Theater and Guiñol Theater, Havana.

Bibliography/ References

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Awards & recognitions

2009- 3rd ex-aequo prize. ‘les cravates par Hermès’ competition in collaboration with Ernesto Oroza.
2001- Finalist in the ninth annual of MittelModa fashion contest. Italy.