performance: The Emerald House (2014)

Performance: The Emerald House. A collaboration with the artists: Ferrán Martín, Priscilla Marrero, Matthew Evan Taylor and Liliam Dooley (clothing design).
The Bakery. MOCA. Mystery Date. February 1, 2014. Miami.
Hosted by George Sánchez Calderón.

“Their first collaboration—the “Emerald House” project—is based on Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s Five Points of Architecture. In this piece, which debuted at Inkub8 (a Knight Arts grantee) after a one-month residency at the center, the triad elegantly wove together Taylor’s quirky sounds generated on a child’s piano, Marrero’s precise movements, Martin’s sculpture and even the sense of smell to create a successful multi-sensory, multidimensional performance” (de la Flor).