Posters and graphics re-designed as political protest (2020-22)

Series of posters and/or graphic material (20 in total) re-designed between December 2020 and November 2022

Re-Design of Classic Cuban Posters. Documenta Fifteen (2022)

Exhibition: Operative factography at Documenta Fifteen

Clothing for movable structure (2022)

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2022

#NoALaBienalDeLaHabana (2021)

Exhibition to boycott the XIV Havana Biennial

Catalog for the Exhibition THE GOAT (2021)

Catalog for the exhibition THE GOAT, on the artist Tomás Esson at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami)

Catalog for the AIM Biennial (2020)

Catalog for the AIM Biennial, curated by William Cordova

TurnOver project (2020)

Project for the AIMBiennial, Miami 2020

marginalia en Factoría Habana (2019)

Exhibition: Conexiones. Factoría Habana. Havana, Oct-January 10th, 2020

marginalia, 2da Bienal de Diseño de La Habana (2019)

Exhibition: Más allá de la forma.. Fundación Ludwig de Cuba. Havana, May-June 2019

marginalia en la #00Bienal (2018)

36 handkerchief (marginalia) for the project Signos36. Havana 2018

marginalia in La Marca (July 2018)

marginalia products for sale in La Marca, Havana

marginalia en La Marca (2017)

Opening exhibition for the permanent sell of marginalia products in La Marca space. April, 2017.

1ra Bienal de Diseño de La Habana (2016)

Gallery: Collage Habana. From 14 May / 2016 to 14 June / 2016.

Method No.5 of project X (2015)

Method No.5 Garments: Striped shirts. Cut horizontally in the wider area or chest and invest the bottom.

Method No.4 of project X (2015)

Method No.4 Garments: White or black graphic T-shirts and black shirts or blouses. Mix shirts and T-shirts at the vertical b

Method No.3 of project X (2015)

Method No.3 Garments: Graphic T- shirts. Cut horizontally or vertically. Join different t-shirts or invert the same.

Method No.2 of project X (2014)

Method No. 2 of project X consists of joining two parts of two different garments. Método No.2: Consiste en unir 2 partes de

The Economics and Creativity of the Second-Hand Dress. (2014)

Conversation recorded with Léopold Lambert in Miami on April 4, 2014, about project X.

performance: The Emerald House (2014)

The Emerald House. Collaboration with the Artists: Ferran Martin, Priscilla Marrero and Matthew Taylor.

Wardrobe No. 1/ project X/ Method no.1 (2013)

Exhibition: D' disegno. Respuesta Cubana. Factoría Habana. Havana, Sept-Dec 2013.

Method No.1 of project X (2013)

Method No.1 Garments: Black dresses. Cut vertically and join different dresses.

performance: Aquarius Juice (2012)

Collaboration with the performers, Priscilla Marrero and Carlota Pradera. Clothing design.

Spiral project (2011)

Spiral project is a design process to find ways of do not control the final form.

Cravate design for Hermès (2010)

'Les cravates par Hermès' competition (Hermès/ Designboom). 'Cleverness Patterned'.

Blouses painted (2004)

Collection of second-hand blouses hand painted with white vinyl.

Popular skirts project (2004)

Pop skirts project. Collection of 10 skirts, made with low-cost popular materials.

Popular skirts project (video) (2004)

Video of the collection of pop skirts project and the collection of 14 tops using pairs of second-hand shirts.